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My name is Dzianis, I’ve been a licensed radio amateur holding the callsign DD1LD since 2006. I’m also a keen mountaineer living close to Munich, the capital city of Bavaria quite close to the Alps. I’m very often on the air under my nickname Luk while operating mostly CW (Morse code), SSB (phone) and quite rarely RTTY (teletype) and other digital modes on HF, VHF and UHF bands.

I’m usually QRV from home or /P (portable). You might have heard me from DLØTUM and DKØMN club stations and as a guest operator at DL1A/DJ6ZM (unfortunately QRT). I'm occasionally available around the FM calling channel on 145.500 MHz and via DBØNJ & DBØVM.

I just love CW at any speed and enjoy CW rag chewing from time to time.

I like contesting also known as radio sport and chasing rare DX stations, also with low power and a piece of wire. I love pile-ups from both sides of the radio, even if I don't break them.

I enjoy the Summits On The Air (SOTA) program combining my both favorite hobbies – mountaineering and ham radio – together, and I love operating short wave QRP CW from an alpine summit. In addition, these mini expeditions are keeping me fit. Our team of local radio hams is running the SOTA DL (German Alps) association.

I despise cheating and unsportsmanlike conduct, I don't see any reason for that!

I like travelling alone, with my family and/or with friends, by plane, car, bus, train or boat and I’m always dreaming about going on a DXpedition and operating from an exotic or foreign place.

I enjoy engineering, experimenting and homebrewing... as much as I can.

And yes, I blog if I have some exciting news to share. Please read QTC de DD1LD here. Time is the biggest constraint for blogging and writing down everything.

I like chatting to other hams and meeting new people and friends all over the world. Just drop me a line at [mycall]@gmx.de while visiting Munich.

I’m an active member of the

  • Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club e.V. (DARC), DOK C12
  • Bavarian Contest Club (BCC)
  • Summits On The Air (SOTA) programm

Vy 73 de Dzianis DD1LD